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Your brand is important. First impressions are critical. On average you have four seconds to catch a prospective client's attention. 

Web Development

Websites have evolved over the years. No longer can you just have a brochure site and an email. Bring your best by showing your best.


With over 60 years of business and marketing experience we can help direct your next steps wherever your business is headed.

Content Creation

Newsletters, email updates, website content, and more. Let us help you promote your brand in the most efficient way possible.

Not Everyone Needs A Full-Time Marketing Staff

Let us keep you current, relative and competitive in your marketplace. 

Why Work With Us


We provide our clients with marketing experts who have experience and knowledge of strategy and content creation most appropriate for the local market, competition, and target audience. With over 60 years of combined experience, we can help.


Seeking out different resources for strategy and design can be time-consuming, especially for small businesses with limited resources. Our team can handle all these tasks, freeing up time for business owners to focus on other aspects of their operations.


Hiring a large firm or agency can be expensive for a small business. Working with the 145 Marketing team provides access to scalable professional services, based on your specific need, for less than the cost of hiring a larger national agency.


We can provide a comprehensive range of marketing and design services that can be seamlessly integrated to achieve a consistent brand image and messaging. From websites to logos, from presentations to consulting, all with a seamless look.

Embassy Apartments

An East Memphis apartment community needed a website.

Client Testimonials

“For the past 10 years plus, Mr. White has designed and hosted my web site. Over that time, he has helped me with 3 major updates. I'm extremely happy with his work and attention to detail. Mr. White also built me a ground up one-off database that I use on a daily basis to organize my business. I couldn't be more pleased with his skills and his dedication to delivering professional results. His partnership has been outstandingly valuable to our company. .
Sean Belvin, The Embassy Apartments
“I've used Mark White and 145 Marketing for web design for several of my companies. I've found him to be creative, cost effective and expedient. I often need to change facets of my web sites due to changing regulations and offers and have found Mark willing to fit me in and get the changes accomplished. I would highly recommend Mark's work..”
Joe Black, Mid-South Telephone
“These guys have been impressive, good team, very prompt in responding to queries and respect time. They provide you insights and suggestions, which you otherwise don’t think of. The team is always on hand to support us in case of emergencies and they have great depth of knowledge and experience to tap into that comes with a very affordable rate. I could not have launched my business without them.."
Preston Davis, Timberworks Studio

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